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Discover the elegance of Staatskapelle Dresden: A renowned symphony orchestra

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If you're a fan of classical music or admire the elegance of a symphony orchestra, Staatskapelle Dresden might just steal your heart. This orchestra isn't just any ordinary group; it's a world-renowned ensemble that holds a distinguished place in the world of classical music, with a rich history stretching back centuries. Here's everything you should know about this celebrated ensemble that calls the iconic Semperoper Dresden its home. 

What is Staatskapelle Dresden?

Prominent personalities of Staatskapelle Dresden

  • Founder: Elector Moritz of Saxony
  • Chief Conductor: Christian Thielemann
  • Honorary Conductor: Herbert Blomstedt
  • First guest conductor: Myung Whun Chung

Staatskapelle Dresden through the years

  • The Staatskapelle Dresden was established by Elector Moritz of Saxony in 1548. Since then, it's been a journey of musical brilliance, with influential bandmasters and instrumentalists leaving their mark on this esteemed orchestra. From Heinrich Schütz to Richard Wagner, a lineup of remarkable leaders has shaped its path, earning it the affectionate nickname of Wagner's "miracle harp."
  • Over the last 150 years, a succession of esteemed conductors has helmed the Staatskapelle, each adding their unique flavor to its legacy. From Ernst von Schuch to Giuseppe Sinopoli, a parade of talent has graced its podium. In recent years, names like Bernard Haitink and Fabio Luisi have taken the helm, paving the way for Christian Thielemann, the current chief conductor since the 2012/2013 season.
  • Noteworthy honorary conductors include Herbert Blomstedt and Sir Colin Davis. Myung-Whun Chung has served as the Principal Guest Conductor since 2012.
  • Throughout its history, the Staatskapelle has had the privilege of debuting pieces from a multitude of composers. This tradition lives on through "Capell Composer." In the 2022/23 season, Olga Neuwirth, recipient of the 2022 Siemens Music Prize, assumed the role of Capell-Compositrice, while the talented violinist Julia Fischer stepped into the role of Capell virtuoso.

Staatskapelle's evolving role in the contemporary music landscape

  • Staatskapelle Dresden, the renowned orchestra of Semperoper Dresden, is not just a historic ensemble but a dynamic force in today's music scene. Under the leadership of chief conductor Christian Thielemann, the orchestra is actively shaping the future of classical music while honoring its rich traditions.
  • In the 2023/24 season, Staatskapelle and Christian Thielemann are intensifying their collaboration with the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra. This partnership, spanning over a decade, has nurtured numerous talented individuals who have graced the ranks of Staatskapelle. Building upon this rich history, the collaboration will expand, promising exciting new horizons for both ensembles.
  • Beyond the confines of performance halls, Staatskapelle embraces its role as a cultural ambassador, engaging with communities and initiatives that champion social change through music. Partnerships with organizations like Meetingpoint Memory Messiaen e.V. in Görlitz-Zgorzelec and the social music project "Musaik" in the Dresden district of Prohlis underscore the orchestra's dedication to fostering inclusivity and accessibility in the arts.
  • One of Staatskapelle's crowning achievements is the establishment of the International Shostakovich Days Gohrisch. This groundbreaking festival, founded in 2010, is dedicated to honoring the work of Dmitri Shostakovich. By celebrating and exploring the works of iconic composers, Staatskapelle contributes to the preservation of classical music heritage.

The symbiotic relationship between Staatskapelle Dresden and Semperoper

Frequently asked questions about Staatskapelle Dresden

What makes Staatskapelle Dresden so popular?

Staatskapelle Dresden is one of the world's most esteemed orchestras, boasting a legacy that stretches back to 1548. Known for its unparalleled excellence and exactitude, this orchestra has shared the stage with countless renowned composers and conductors over the centuries.

What is Semperoper?

Semperoper is a renowned opera house nestled in Dresden, Germany. Crafted by the brilliant architect Gottfried Semper, it made its grand debut back in 1841. With its breathtaking architecture and unparalleled acoustics, it's hailed as one of the world's top opera houses!

What role does Staatskapelle play at Semperoper Dresden?

Staatskapelle Dresden boasts a rich history dating back to the 16th century, making it one of the oldest orchestras globally. It serves the role of the resident orchestra at the Semperoper, where its exceptional talent and artistry take opera and ballet performances to unparalleled heights.

How do I get to Semperoper Dresden?

Semperoper Dresden sits right at the heart of the city, making it super convenient to reach using public transport, such as trams and buses.

What kind of performances can I expect at Semperoper?

Semperoper Dresden offers a diverse range of performances, including ballet, opera, classical concerts, and special events. From classic works by Wagner and Mozart to modern productions, there is something for every taste and preference.

Can I take a guided tour of Semperoper?

Yes. You can take a guided tour of Semperoper Dresden to explore the historic building, learn about its fascinating history, and discover behind-the-scenes secrets. Guided tours are offered in multiple languages and generally last around one hour.