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Discover Semperoper Ballett: Graceful Performances & Artistry

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Let's dive into the vibrant world of Semperoper Ballett, nestled within the historic walls of Semperoper in Dresden. It has earned its place as one of the preeminent ballet companies in the world through its innovative choreography, breathtaking ballet performances, and unwavering commitment to artistic excellence. 

What is Semperoper Ballett?

Why is seeing a performance by Semperoper Ballett a must-do in Dresden?

Prominent personalities of Semperoper Ballett

  • Artistic director: Marcelo Gomes
  • Ballet director: Adi Luick
  • Associate Choreographer: David Dawson
  • Senior ballet master: Laura Graham

Semperoper Ballett through the years

  • Since its inception in the 1920s, the Semperoper Ballett has been a beacon of artistic excellence, showcasing performances that rank among the finest on German stages. 
  • Following the devastation and subsequent reconstruction of the Semperoper, the ballet ensemble reaffirmed its artistic importance with a plethora of performances choreographed by distinguished artists such as Harald Wandtke, Oleg Vinogradov, Konstantine Russu, Hilda Riveros, Emöke Pöstenyi, and Birgit Cullberg. 
  • Under the visionary leadership of former artistic director Vladimir Derevianko, the company expanded its repertoire to encompass both classical and modern ballets curated by leading choreographers, including Mauro Bigonzetti, Mats Ek, William Forsythe, Jiri Kylian, John Neumeier, Uwe Scholz, Glen Tetley, Stephan Thoss, Vladimir Vassiliev, and Petr Zuska.
  • Despite these varied influences, the core mission of the Semperoper Ballett remains unchanged: to create performances that emanate from the depths of the heart and resonate with the human spirit. 

The symbiotic relationship between the Semperoper Opera House in Dresden and Semperoper Ballett

The Semperoper Opera House and the Semperoper Ballett company share a symbiotic relationship that enriches the cultural landscape of this historic city. Designed by architect Gottfried Semper in the mid-19th century, the opera house has been a cornerstone of Dresden's cultural scene for generations. Its stunning architecture, characterized by its Neo-Renaissance style, draws visitors from around the world. The Semperoper Ballett, on the other hand, infuses the venue with energy and grace, presenting classical and contemporary ballet productions of the highest caliber..

Frequently asked questions about Semperoper Ballett

What is Semperoper Ballett?

Semperoper Ballett is a world-class ballet company based in Dresden, Germany. Renowned for its exceptional artistry, technical prowess, and innovative productions, the company is an integral part of the Semperoper Dresden, one of Europe's most prestigious opera houses.

What makes Semperoper Ballett unique?

Semperoper Ballett stands out for its rich heritage, artistic excellence, and commitment to pushing the boundaries of classical ballet. Under the direction of renowned choreographers and artistic directors, the company presents a diverse repertoire that includes classical masterpieces, contemporary works, and original creations, captivating audiences of all ages.

What types of productions does Semperoper Ballett perform?

Semperoper Ballett performs many productions, spanning classical ballets, contemporary creations, and experimental pieces. From timeless classics like "Sleeping Beauty" and "Romeo and Juliet" to cutting-edge works by contemporary choreographers, the company offers something for every taste and preference.

Are there any behind-the-scenes tours available?

Absolutely! You can go on a guided tour of the Semperoper Dresden to get a sneak peek into the inner workings of the iconic opera house and its ensembles. These tours offer an exclusive chance to dive into the rehearsal routines, costume crafting, and the art of stage production that come together to create spectacular performances on a global scale.

How can I experience Semperoper Ballett performances?

If you want to experience the enchantment of Semperoper Ballett's shows, make your way to Semperoper Dresden. Snagging tickets is a breeze – you can book them online or swing by the theater's box office.

Is Semperoper Ballett suitable for all ages?

Yes. Semperoper Ballett offers performances that cater to audiences of all ages, from classic ballet enthusiasts to families looking for a cultural outing. While some productions may be more suitable for adult audiences, the company also presents family-friendly performances and matinees, making them accessible to a wide range of spectators.

Can I support Semperoper Ballett through donations or sponsorships?

Yes. You can donate or explore sponsorship opportunities with the company to help nurture young talent. Semperoper Ballett relies on the generosity of supporters to fuel its artistic endeavors and educational programs.